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Do your online shopping and you'll raise money for Hospice families!

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Shop to help Hospice families!

Sounds like the dream does it not? If you shop online using Savoo, they will donate to the Hospice – it’s as simple as that.

Basically, you go online and either click one of their vouchers offers or use their search engine in the same way you would use Google or Yahoo. Every time you search through Savoo, they’ll give us 1p. Which as we’re sure you know, adds up very quickly when you’re searching the web!

If you use any of the vouchers, the companies involved will donate some of that voucher to our families, meaning you can do your online shopping and support families at no extra cost to yourself.

So if shopping and supporting the Hospice is your sort of thing, get yourselves online and start your Xmas shopping!

Thank you for your support <3

Click here to start shopping with Savoo in support of the Hospice!