Leaving A Gift In Your Will

Gifts in wills make our care possible each year

Gift in wills

Leaving A Gift In Your Will

Did you know that 1 in every 5 nurses here at the Hospice is funded by legacy donations?

By leaving a legacy, you can help us to continue improving the quality of life for future patients, allowing them and their families to get the care and support they need. If you wish to leave a gift to The Mary Stevens Hospice in your will, whether you are part of our community or have seen the work of the hospice first-hand then the first port of call would be to contact the Hospice Fundraising Department

info@mshfundraising.co.uk or 01384 377 778.

Benefits Of Leaving A Legacy

Leaving a legacy, or charitable donation in your Will, not only helps future generations but also reduces the amount of inheritance tax you and your loved ones will pay. All charitable donations are exempt from inheritance tax and are deducted from the value of your estate, potentially taking your estate below the inheritance tax level.

What Should I Leave?

Gifts of any size make a huge difference here at the Hospice. For example, a cash donation of just £3 would pay for a patient’s food for a day. At the other end of the scale, it costs us £3.2 million each year to keep the doors of the Hospice open and any contribution towards that will quite literally make care possible for a family in their hour of greatest need. We receive gifts of all shapes and sizes and each one is both vital and gratefully received.

We have also been left shares, businesses, valuable items and one supporter even left us their house which was sold!

Some people also choose to leave us a percentage of their estate through a “residual legacy”, which in layman’s terms means that once you have provided for your loved ones then the Hospice will receive whatever is left of your estate.

How We Can Help

We work closely with many local solicitors and online Wills provider Guardian Angel to ensure people’s wishes are carried out properly and with respect. Please get in touch for more information about our local partners or see the section below for details about Guardian Angel and how to start when considering writing or updating your will.

Online Wills

Get your free Will today……..

At this uncertain time we all want to make sure our loved ones are looked after.  When money or time is tight, it can be difficult to justify writing a will, and it is also difficult to do so in the age of social distancing.

We have established a relationship with Guardian Angel to provide a simple Will for free that can be produced online or over the phone.  If your Will is more complex, this will be highlighted to you and you will be informed of any potential costs.

Most people who use this free service will choose to leave a gift to The Mary Stevens Hospice.  Their support is helping to provide care and support for our communities now and in the future.  Of course, there is no obligation, however, if through using this service you choose to leave a gift to us we would be hugely grateful.

If you want to use this service please click here to visit the Guardian Angel website.

If you follow the link, it should automatically discount the Will at the end, but just in case, the code is MARYSTEVENS-FREE-20.

If you would rather arrange this over the phone, please call 0800 773 4014 to speak to one of the advisors at Guardian Angel.

Make a Will Month

Each May and November, we run a campaign called “Wills Month” alongside Wall James ChappellGlover Priest Solicitors, King Will’s Wills and Talbots Law.

Come back in November to sign up for our next Make a Will Month campaign.

Informing The Hospice

If you have chosen to leave a gift to The Mary Stevens Hospice in your will we would love to hear from you so we can thank you personally. There is, of course, no obligation to do so.

Where Your Donations Go

We have listed a few examples below of what your donations make possible for our charity:

£8 could pay for a patient to create a “Memory Box” for their family

£694 could pay for a family to spend 24 hours in our In-Patient Unit

£1095 could pay for a patient’s food for a whole year

£7634 could pay for a patient to spend 11 days in our In-Patient Care – which is the average length of time a family will stay with us here at Mary Stevens Hospice

£25,000 could pay for the cost of a specialist palliative care nurse for a year

£3,200,000 could pay to run the entire Hospice for a year


Download our Legacy Leaflet

If you would like to download a copy of our Legacy Leaflet, please click here or use the link below:

VB1931 MSH Legacy leaflet 020818