Did you know that over 500 volunteers help us to provide the care and support that we do? Without every single one of them, that simply wouldn't be possible. That's the difference you make, so thank you.

How you can help

Could you spare a few hours to volunteer at the Hospice?

Mary Stevens Hospice is a charitable organisation that depends upon the generous support of volunteers in order to provide our much-needed services. Volunteers are crucial to the difference that we make every day.

We’re currently supported by a team of more than 500 volunteers, who help out in all areas of the hospice, from patient care, chaplaincy and patient transport to gardening, cooking and administration.

We have qualified volunteers to administer complementary therapies and to help patients with arts, crafts, music and activities, while our fundraising team also relies upon volunteers to help raise money to pay for the care that we provide.

To find out more about volunteering for Mary Stevens Hospice, give us a call on 01384 443010, or email Pauline Binek at: pauline.binek@marystevenshospice.co.uk.

Become a Community Volunteer

Community Volunteers are there to support patients, or carers, through home visiting, to offer companionship and support, to contribute to enhancing their quality of life. The Community Volunteers service can be offered to patients or their carers who are registered with the Macmillan Specialist Care at Home pilot programme, which began at Mary Stevens Hospice in January 2015.

Community Volunteer aim:

To contribute to the well-being of patients and carers in the Macmillan pilot, by supporting them at home and in the community where they live.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact, Community Volunteer Services Coordinator, Lynne Whyley, on: 01384 321523, or 01384 443010.

Macmillan Specialist Care at Home, Mary Stevens Hospice, 221, Hagley Road, Stourbridge, DY8 2JR.

Other volunteering opportunities

There are lots of ways that you can support Mary Stevens Hospice, see the difference you’re making and build lots of important skills too.

These are the positions that are usually available:

Mary Stevens Hospice Shops

There are a number of vacancies for voluntary positions at Mary Stevens Hospice Shops across the region. Duties range from sorting new stock and filling shelves, to creating eye-catching window displays and serving customers, and hours can be agreed to suit your availability.

General Retail

We encourage people to think positively about charity retailing. To do this we are creating exciting and well-presented shops, with each one hopefully suited to the customer base of the local area.

Our shops are successful but there’s always more we can do to increase sales and make even more of a difference to the people and families Mary Stevens Hospice supports. That’s why we need energetic, motivated and enthusiastic volunteers with a passion for retailing.

By supporting an essential local charity as a volunteer, you have the chance to make a positive contribution to your community. We ask volunteers to give us at least half a day a week on a regular basis. With the training and support that we provide we hope that you will learn new and transferable skills. Being a volunteer can help you with your career development or with a total career change, many opportunities are available from counter work, to sorting to display and stock selection.

Amazon Online Shop

We now sell a huge variety of books via Amazon. This area of selling is growing on a daily basis and we are in need of enthusiastic, motivated book lovers with the IT skills necessary to help us develop further. Tasks will involve selection and uploading quality books, email communication with buyers, packaging and despatching sold books. Various shifts available.

Warehouse Sorters

Come and find the buried treasure! Help is needed to sort through the donated items and prepare them to be sent to our shops. An eye for quality is a must!

eBay Volunteers

Our busy eBay Department needs the help of additional volunteers.  This role would involve identifying potential eBay stock, researching the items for suitable prices and also being able to write clear descriptions for the items.  Ideally you will have experience in using the eBay and understand how it all works. You would also need to be able to communicate with customers in a professional manner. Another task involved would be to pack the sold items ready for posting.

eBay Packing Volunteers

The busy eBay Department also requires the help of more volunteers to assist with the packaging of sold items. The items need to be packed in a secure way to ensure that the item is safe enough to be transported through the postal system.

For further information in respect of our shops email: volunteer@mshtrading.co.

Fundraising events

Enthusiastic volunteers are always needed to help out with the many organised fundraising events which are hosted by Mary Stevens Hospice throughout the year. If you’re willing to lend a hand, we’d love to hear from you!

For further information please contact Ruth on 01384 377 778, or email ruth.longville@mshfundraising.co.uk

Your stories

Here you can see the difference that our volunteers make to the brilliant care and services that we provide.

Julie Turvey’s story

Julie is one of our volunteer receptionist at our In-Patient Unit and here’s her story:

“I always look forward to Wednesdays, because it is the day I volunteer at Mary Stevens Hospice. Being a volunteer at the hospice is, quite simply, a privilege. It is a privilege to be part of a very special team of people, staff and volunteers, who make a difference to many people’s lives.

“I have been a volunteer at the hospice for over ten years. An unexpected life-changing event presented me with ‘time on my hands’. At the same time my husband and I celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary. We wanted to make a donation to a local charity and chose the hospice. Whilst making the donation, I saw a newsletter asking for volunteers…and I am still at the hospice, ten years later!

“In my specific role as an In-Patient receptionist it is vitally important to offer a welcoming smile and to share kind words, as families and friends arrive to visit their loved ones. There are rewards and challenges in equal measure, making sure we, as receptionists, are ready to cope with any situation which may arise. We are even able to welcome pets into the hospice…and it is remarkable how important the visit of a family pet can be to all concerned!

“I, like many volunteers, have been greatly enriched from being part of such a wonderful organisation. We meet remarkable people who teach us so much about life, love, devotion and about coping in times of adversity. It reminds us, every time we are at the hospice, to value the things which really matter in life. So, I finish where I started, being a volunteer at Mary Stevens Hospice is, quite simply, a privilege.”

Norma Waldron – Ten Years a Volunteer

I first came to the Hospice with some gifts to use as bingo and raffle prizes in the day unit. In the reception I met Mary and Edna, the two domestics, they said how the items would be used and that some would go to the Summer Fete. During the conversation I was told how they were having a Christmas Fayre later on and, if I had any spare time the week before, I could help price up the items as they usually did it by themselves. That was the start of my volunteering.

Edna was retiring the following year and Mary two years later, they had organised the fete from the start. We had a new Head of Fundraising start, but sadly she only stayed for 12 months due to ill health. The next year, Clare, one of the young girls from the office and myself organised the Fete. We also had a lot of help from staff on the day. We managed to get through and made around £4,000 and we were really pleased with the results.

The next year we had another Head of Fundraising start and she was with us for 4 years. I still did my job of pricing items and sorting in the shed. I had a number of people help me but people come and go and their circumstances change. Things are simpler now, we have the fete committee meetings and discuss who has what job before hand, so things go alot smoother on the day.

During my time as a volunteer, I have collected wood for posts in the car park, made a pick and mix display and tombola drums, donated unwanted gifts, collected hundreds of teddies, collected chocolate from slimming clubs, organised raffles, served fish and chips, collected cash donations and so on and so on. When things are needed for the fete or fayres I will go on a mission. I don’t mind who I ask they can only say one of two things, yes or no. If it’s a no I don’t get upset I say thank you, perhaps you can help some other time. I then continue to find someone else who can oblige. I have also worked in the Blackheath shop for 7 years. This is just a short list of the many jobs and tasks that are available within the charity and, there are still many things I have not done.

I have no intention of retiring in the near future as long as I can continue to help I will. The hours vary, I don’t get paid but, the satisfaction I get helping those less fortunate than myself is priceless.