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Honorary Member: A Perry

A Perry is a family owned and run company with a long history of success. Established in 1925, they now span a global trade network based in the heart of the West Midlands. Their 140,000+ square foot facility spans over 5 acres of land and has a fully automated robot warehouse. Everything they do and every decision they make is for their customers. Winning the Midlands Family Business of the Year 2022 and the Midlands Manufacturer of the Year 2022 was a proud moment shared by all,

Honorary Member: Vantage 365

Vantage 365 is a specialist consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes get the most from their investment in Microsoft 365’s powerful suite of business tools and productivity apps. 

Their team of expert consultants have years of experience creating customised solutions, applications and strategies to optimise their clients’ technology, capabilities, and performance. 

Their mission is to help every client reach their true potential by future-proofing their business and enabling them to thrive in today’s digital landscape. From small businesses to large enterprises, Vantage 365 understand that each company has unique needs and goals and work closely with their clients to develop tailored solutions that address their specific challenges. 

Whether streamlining workflows, improving collaboration, or enhancing security, Vantage 365 have the expertise to maximise the benefits businesses receive from their investment in Microsoft 365. Their commitment to ongoing support and service ensures that their clients continue to achieve success and stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.