Corporate Corner

Could your company support the vital work done by our Hospice? There's loads of ways to get involved!

Team of corporate volunteers from NatWest bank, building a mini golf course in the Hospice

Corporate Corner

Could your company support our work?

Whether it’s adopting us as your charity partner, spending some time volunteering here at the Hospice or at one of our events or running a fundraising/awareness event in the office, there are so many ways you can support the families who rely on our care through your workplace.


We are pleased to share our new business club, H365 

Our Business Partners

Our Business Partners support us in a range of ways throughout each year, from sponsoring our events to nominating us as their charity of the year.

We are incredibly grateful for the support that we receive from businesses in our local area and would love to hear from you if your business can help to support the Hospice.

Corporate Volunteer Days

We regularly host teams of corporate volunteers, and the help they provide is invaluable. Whether it’s maintaining the grounds, helping us prepare for events or putting a welcome lick of paint on the wall, our volunteers always enjoy themselves and make a real difference while they’re here with us.

Charity of the month/quarter/year or Charity Partner

A number of corporate supporters do adopt us as their chosen charity partner, whether that’s for a set period of time or as a permanent partner. In that time, they’ll often run internal or external events to support us, make donations (both financial and gifts in kind) and become ambassadors for our work and the families we support.

As well as enjoying the good feeling of making our work possible, partnering with the Hospice also represents an excellent opportunity to raise additional awareness of your company due to our close relationship with our local community and the regional press.

Match Funding

Did you know that your employer may match every penny you raise for the Hospice?

Match funding is available through a number of employers across the country, often offering to match their employees fundraising efforts up to either £500 or £1000.

So if you raise £1000 for the Hospice and your employer match funds it, our families will receive £2000. It’s as simple as that.

You can also match fund by volunteering at one of our events, boosting the amount we raise at that event potentially by as much as £1000!

To find out more about match funding, please do speak to your employer to find out if they offer the scheme.

Get in touch

If you or your employer would like to support the Hospice through your company, you can get in touch with us through either of the following:

  • Call us on 01384 377 778 to speak to our Fundraising Team (TOP TIP: Ask for Ruth, she’s your best port of call)
  • Email Ruth Longville (Business Partnership Fundraiser) on