Rainbow Auction

Rainbow Auction Banner

Each week over on our Facebook page we hold a Rainbow Auction, where our supporters have one week to bid on the items that take their fancy and at 12pm on Tuesdays the auction ends and the highest bidder wins. 

Due to Covid-19 our Fundraising department was turned upside down. Overnight we had to look at the ways we planned to fundraise this year and put a virtual / digital spin on our events. One way we decided to Fundraise was through our weekly Facebook auctions and the response has been better than we could have ever asked for. 

Our supporters have bid on everything from plant pots to paintings, to books and bears and each week just keeps getting better and better. Lots of the items you will see in our Rainbow Auctions have been very kindly donated to us by our wonderful Hospice supports and without you, this auction really would not be what it is today.

If you are yet to take a look at our Facebook auction, click HERE to be taken to our official Facebook page where you will see what we have in store for everyone this week. 

Recently, time has allowed us all to have a look through our cupboards, draws and closets for a good organize, so if you find yourself coming across good quality items when you are sorting out, please do consider donating them to us to be in our Rainbow Auction. Telephone the fundraising office on 01384 377 778, to arrange dropping off your items. 

Thank you for continuing to support Mary Stevens Hospice and we hope to see you bidding on our auction soon. 

Screenshots of our albums on Facebook with auction titles