Notification of Hospice Data Breach

Notification of a data breach at Mary Stevens Hospice

Data breach

Notification of a data breach at Mary Stevens Hospice

On 10th April 2019 a member of our staff had their e-mail account compromised by a hacker. We have reported the data breach to the Police, Information Commissioner’s Office and the Charity Commission.

We have taken immediate and appropriate actions to reinforce existing security measures.  With assistance from our IT company we are also introducing additional security measures to further minimise any future occurrence.

We have been told by our IT Company that there is a 95% probability  that personal data has not been compromised as a result of this breach but as a precautionary measure we are now in the process of contacting all individuals that may have been affected.

We are committed to ensuring our supporters feel completely reassured and comfortable on the back of this temporary compromise of our system, so if you feel you need any further information please contact the Hospice Privacy Officer, Gerry Crow, either by phone (01384 443010) or e-mail (