No-card zone!

"The Big Shared Christmas Card"

No-card zone cheque presentation

No-card zone!

Once again, Mary Stevens Hospice are asking businesses to break with tradition and take part in a novel way of fundraising by making a donation in lieu of sending a Christmas card, making their office a no-card zone.

‘The Big Shared Christmas Card’ is a simple way of showing support to the Hospice by sharing your festive greetings with your colleagues on one big card and donating the savings.  As well as spreading Christmas cheer around your office, you will all be helping someone at our Hospice spend Christmas in comfort, company and good spirits.

It is such a small change to make this holiday season, but one that could make a big difference to the Hospice and the care that it is able to give its patients.

The Mary Stevens Hospice relies on the support of local businesses and supporters to continue providing specialist care to people living with incurable illnesses.

If you work for a business and feel that you would like to take part in this easy and uplifting way of supporting the Hospice, please request a ‘Big Shared Christmas Card’ pack by emailing or telephoning the Fundraising Office on 01384 377 778.