A letter from Lesley

Our beloved friend, supporter and patient, Lesley has written a letter to explain how we can all get involved in making our new day unit possible.

Lesley at the Hospice


My name is Lesley Sidaway, I’m a Mum of two, a bit of a bookworm, a chocaholic and a day patient at Mary Stevens Hospice. That’s me on the right.

Since 2012, the Hospice Day Services Unit that I attend has been full every single day, which means there are people in our community who need the help of this remarkable charity, but currently can’t access it.

So, last year, the Hospice launched a campaign to raise an extra £3.5 million to expand the Day Services so that more people can come here when they become ill.

Hospice fundraisers have raised £2.5 million of that already but now they need our help.

I can never truly tell the people who care for me here how grateful I am for the support I and my family receive, and I know how lucky I’ve been to come here so regularly to spend a day with people who have become close friends, and a team of angels looking over me.

What I can do however, is ask you if you would donate to make care possible for people like me and leave a legacy in our community for families who rely on the Hospice in years to come.

There are three levels of donation you can make, which all have a thank you gift attached to them:


£16 is how much it costs for a nurse to provide specialist care for one hour. As a thank you for any donations of £16 or more, supporters will be recorded in the “Your Legacy” book, which will be placed in the reception of the new day unit with a copy also being placed in the time capsule which will be buried at the opening ceremony.


£50 is the cost of creating memory boxes for five patients here at the Hospice. Our memory boxes preserve a lasting legacy, giving our patients the peace of mind to know that their loved ones will always have items and messages to take strength and comfort from.

As a thank you for any donations of £50 or more, supporters will be incorporated into a specially-commissioned piece of art that will stand proudly in the entrance to the new building.


£100 is what it costs for a patient to spend a day in the day unit. As I say, the benefit of attending this day unit has been nothing short of life-changing and I am so grateful to everyone who has donated in the past for making this care accessible for me and my family.

As a thank you for any donations of £100 or more, supporters will receive both of the gifts detailed above and a bespoke “I made the difference” pin badge.

Or if you are in a position to make a donation of more than £500, then you will also receive an invite to the VIP opening of the new building.

If you are able to make a donation towards this appeal, the real-world difference you will make to a family like mine in years to come can’t be overestimated. This new building will make Hospice care available to 40 new families every week.

Families like mine, who now simply couldn’t live without it.

My days at the Hospice are some of the memories I most look forward to making, and everyone battling a life-limiting illness should have the opportunity to receive care, love and support.

We as a community need this Hospice, and now they need us.

If we can come together to raise the last of the money required, then all local families can receive the care they deserve when they need it most.

You can be the difference.

Thank you for your support,


To donate

If you’d like to make a donation to the project, contact the Fundraising Team on 01384 377 778 or donate online at: