Mary Stevens Hospice Activity Pack

Here at Mary Stevens Hospice we asked our friend Bear to help us keep everyone entertained. So, we worked together and have created an activity pack with fifteen different activities from a wordsearch, to a garden hunt, to paws and crosses! We are sure that there is something in this activity pack for everyone, all for a donation of £3.

If you donate £5 we will send the Activity Pack to you in the post, as well as a link to your downloadable pack. 

Social Media: We would love to show Bear how much you all enjoy your activity packs so do make sure you use the hashtag #OurFriendBear  and tag us too! 

Email: You can also email us and let us know how you’re getting on with some pictures of your completed activities at ‘’.

You will receive a link to download the pack in your confirmation email. 

Thank you for supporting Mary Stevens Hospice. 💙