Sponsor a leaf on our Glass Giving Tree in memory of a loved one.

Sponsor a leaf on our Glass Giving Tree

Situated just inside the entrance to our In-Patient Unit, the Glass Giving Tree wraps around our curved wall filling the area with love and light. The glass leaves fill the area with a multitude of colours, making the space bright and welcoming for all who visit . The tree offers a place to come and honour, reflect and remember as each leaf is engraved with a special dedication, completely personal for each family and their loved one.

The Mary Stevens Hospice commissioned Stourbridge Based artist, Charlotte Hughes-Martin to design and create The Glass Giving Tree. This unique piece of artwork was produced at the Red House Glass Cone, just three miles from the Hospice.

Stourbridge has been known for glass production since the early 1600’s and so glass was always our first choice of material for this beautiful artwork. The Glass Giving Tree showcases a historic industry from The Black Country whilst supporting your local hospice.


1 year

(min. £98 contribution)

1 year could pay for a 24 hour supply of all drugs administered at Mary Stevens Hospice

The drugs and equipment used by our team ensure that our patients' symptoms are controlled during their time with us. Your contribution makes that possible. Thank you.

2 years

(min. £192 contribution)

2 years could pay for 2 days of nursing care for our patients.

Our Nurses are most commonly referred to as angels, and we need 59 angels in order to provide care to all of our patients. Your contribution makes it possible for those angels to be here with their patients. Thank you.

3 years

(min. £270 contribution)

3 years could pay for bereavement sessions for 7 children who have lost a loved one.

When someone important in a childs life dies, their lives will change forever. We provide theraputic support, in a safe and creative environment. Your contribution makes that healing process possible. Thank you.