The Mary Stevens Hospice ‘Carer of the Year’ Award

Eric and Kathy sat in chairs in Mary Stevens Hospice Day Services unit holding Union Jack flags

In June we hosted our very first ‘Carer of the Year’ awards and we would like to share more about our very deserving winner…

Eric nominated his wife Kathy and these are the lovely words he used to nominate Kathy:

“We are in the second decade of our retirement which we had planned to be time to spend together free from work and life’s problems. Instead I was diagnosed with Parkinsons, since then Kathy has been there for me in every way.  My pace and ability to look after myself has slowed to a crawl, leaving her the only one to “get things done”.  You will have guessed she does this without complaint but with stunning success.  A lump is in my throat trying to think of the best way to show my love and thank her for her devotion and love in looking after me. Your award scheme gives me that chance.

She is the best thing that’s happened to me since we met in 1968 – I at least had the sense to propose to her! (We married on 2 Jan 1971).”

Eric’s love and admiration for Kathy is clear in through the words spoken here and we would like to congratulate Kathy for being the first Mary Stevens Hospice Carer of the Year!