Wills Month – May 2018

Alongside trusted partners around the West Midlands, we're offering discounted wills throughout May as part of Wills Month 2018!

Wills Month - May 2018 banner

Wills Month 2018

Throughout May 2018, trusted partners of the Hospice will be offering discounted wills in support of our families here at MSH.

No Obligation

We really would like to emphasise that there is no obligation as part of this service to leave a gift of any size to the Hospice in your will, it is simply something we are doing for our community alongside local solicitors and will writers which in turn will support families relying on our care here at the Hospice.

Meet the partners

We’re delighted to announce that we will have no less than four partners on board for this initiative:

How to book

To find out more or to book your appointment with your chosen partner, please call the Hospice team on 01384 377 778.

Thank you for your support!

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