One Mile Marathon 2020

One Mile Marathon 2020

Those of you who vowed to get fit in 2020, now’s your chance, because Fitness February is the incentive you’ve been waiting for.

Not only will you be improving your fitness, you’ll also be making a real difference to the lives of our patients here at Mary Stevens Hospice.

We’re asking you to don your running shoes and get your family and friends to encourage you by sponsoring your achievable target of completing a ONE MILE A DAY during the month of February. Do make sure that you sign up below to receive your medal for taking part!

So get your New Year’s resolution back on track and your stopwatches at the ready.

We would love for you to share your photos with us of how you are getting on throughout the month! Send them to us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram @marystevenshospice

If you are being sponsored by family and friends to do the One Mile Marathon this year, the website we recommend you use for online sponsorship is JustGiving.


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