Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

Ladies, big hats at the ready - we're going to Royal Ascot!

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Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot

Ladies, this one’s for you.

On Thursday 21st June, we’re organising an incredible trip to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot which will consist almost completely of big hats, beautiful dresses and a couple of drinks to help the delicious food go down!

At 9am, you’ll be here at our beloved Hospice, where a coach will collect you. On the way, you’ll enjoy a “sparkling breakfast” (breakfast with fizz or a soft drink) followed by a fizz (or soft drink) reception and lunch on arrival at the raceground.

After lunch, we’ll make our way into the Queen Anne Enclosure (the posh bit) to enjoy an afternoon of iconic racing and fantastic entertainment, before the day closes with the annual “Singing-Around-The-Bandstand” experience. Then, at 7pm, your chariot will await ready to whisk you back to the Hospice and you can tell everyone at home about the most incredible day you’ve had!

We’re not just saying this, this will sell out. Probably very quickly. So, at the very least we’re recommending anyone who’s interested to get their deposit paid (£29) in order to secure your place, and then just make sure you get the remaining £100 paid off before Friday 25th May 2018.

Can you believe how good this sounds? We can’t. Honestly, we can’t.

Please be advised that this event has completely SOLD OUT, thank you so much for your support!

Paying your balance

For those of you who put a £29 deposit down, please call 01384 377 778 to pay your remaining balance before Friday 25th May! If you haven’t paid the balance in full by this date then we will be forced to offer your place to our list of reserves.

See you there ladies!

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