Will you go to the ball?

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To be honest, life ay great for poor Cinderella.

After her hen-pecked father marries the wicked & oppressive Rubella, Cinders is forced to live as a slave; charged only with ensuring her step-mother and ugly step-sisters are kept fed, watered and happy.

However, when the Prince of the Realm invites all of the women of the land to a ball at his palace, our heroine decides she must do whatever she can in order to attend. After all, it’s not like her step-mother can make her life any worse now is it?

But how on Earth will she get there unseen? And what will she wear? Taxis are expensive, especially up to the palace and it’s not like she can pop up to Merry Hill to get a nice dress.

Between you and us, we can tell you that with the help of her Fairy Godmother, her best friend Buttons and a few unexpected guests, Cinderella will go to the ball and maybe even change her life forever.

The question is will YOU go to the ball too?!

Performance Schedule

Wednesday – 19:15

Thursday – 13:30 – Matinee

Thursday – 19:15

Friday – 13:30 – Matinee

Friday – 19:15

Book your tickets

Tickets to the ball are now on sale!

Adults aged 16+ – £16

Children aged 15 & under – £12.50

ALL matinee tickets – £10

Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) – £52

Book online through the box office by clicking here!

Or call us on 01384 377 778.

See you there panto lovers!


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