The Summer Fayre Best in Show tent!

Show us your giant veg, bake up a storm, dazzle us with your flower arrangement & get involved in Stourbridge's biggest Best in Show competition at our Summer Fayre!

Best in show tent

Best in Show

At this year’s Summer Fayre, we want you to show us your best. Whether that’s your giant veg, fantastic flower arrangements, baking brilliance or a huge range of other things, our competition tent is where you need to be on Saturday 2nd September!

The competition categories are below, and they’re broken into sub-categories so, for example, you won’t be expected to pit your giant parsnip against someone else’s longest carrot.

To enter, you’ll need to submit an application form, which you can download by clicking here, or using the link below:

Country Fayre tent application form -PDF

Then email that form to or pop it in the post to:

Mary Stevens Hospice Fundraising Office, 221 Hagley Road, Stourbridge, DY8 2JR


Category 1: The Black Country Bake Off!

  • Class 1: The bake off – bake a cake to celebrate 25 years of MSH!
  • Class 2: Technical bake – bring us your best victoria sponge
  • Class 3: Signature bake – Cookies! With a “Black Country” flair
  • Class 4: Cup cake competition – Cup cakes with a Summer Fayre decoration

Category 2: The Savoury Bake Off!

  • Class 1: Cheese scones
  • Class 2: Sausage Rolls
  • Class 3: Savoury Tart
  • Class 4: A pie!

Category 3: Handicraft with a seaside theme!

  • Class 1: An item of crochet
  • Class 2: A knitted item
  • Class 3: Cross-stitch/Embroidery item
  • Class 4: Mixed handicrafts

Category 4: Flowers – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme!

  • Class 1: A floral arrangemenet in a teapot
  • Class 2: An arrangement of flowers in a teacup & saucer
  • Class 3: An arrangement of any sort, simply entitled “I’m late”
  • Class 4: A vase arrangement entitled “Through the looking glass”

Category 5: Vegetables!

  • Class 1: Longest parsnip (must have minimum of 7cm stalk)
  • Class 2: Heaviest onion (must have minimum of 7cm stalk)
  • Class 3: Longest carrot (must have minimum of 7cm stalk)
  • Class 4: Heaviest potato (named variety)
  • Class 5: Ugliest vegetable with title

Category 6: Photography!

  • Class 1: “Mary Stevens Hospice” – This can be a person, an object or the beautiful scenery, as long as it’s here at our hospice
  • Class 2: “A Drop of Water” – A storm, a raindrop, a river, the sea, snow, ice…anything watery is what we’re after
  • Class 3: “Wildlife” – Exactly what you’d expect
  • Class 4: A Special Moment – We’re not putting a boundary on this, just share with us a special moment you’ve captured

Category 7: Home-made produce

  • Class 1: A bottle of homemade wine
  • Class 2: A jar of your tastiest jam
  • Class 3: Home brew!
  • Class 4: A jar of your tastiest chutney

Category 8: Home-made cards

  • Class 1: Happy birthday!
  • Class 2: Just married
  • Class 3: New Baby
  • Class 4: Congratulations

Category 9: Something out of nothing

  • Class 1: Recycle something and give it new life as something else!

Category 10: Children’s class

  • Class 1: Under-5’s only – “A garden in a tray”
  • Class 2: Aged 5-8 – 2 hand-painted eggs
  • Class 3: Aged 9-14 – decorate an item of clothing

And breathe.

Each categoy will be sponsored and judged by representatives of local businesses, and the decisions they make are final.

While we will make every effort to prevent observers and fellow competitors from touching the exhibits, this cannot be guaranteed.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class will receive a lovely certificate, and the category winner will win a trophy.

A final “Best in Show” will be chosen by a representative of the Hospice and that person will receive a second trophy.

How to enter

So then, if you’d like to enter any of the above categories simply download this form:

Country Fayre tent application form -PDF

Fill it out, and get the completed version back to us by emailing it to or by posting it to:

Mary Stevens Hospice Fundraising Office

221 Hagley Road



Best of luck everyone!