Beautiful act of random kindness

This is the story of a wonderful stranger, who made an incredibly emotional Valentine's Day here that little bit more special.

Paul & Emma touched by kindness

A truly touching act of random kindness

Emma and Paul got married here today, it is Valentine’s Day after all, and everyone knows that any wedding needs a few key things.
You need a beautiful blushing bride, a dashing groom and, of course, a stunning bouquet of flowers.

When we told Websters Florists in Wollaston about Paul and Emma, they went above and beyond to make sure we had two dozen gorgeous red roses in time for the wedding. Bearing in mind we gave them less than a day’s notice, the day before Valentine’s Day.

So this morning, we went to go and collect them. As you do, we got chatting to the guys at Webster’s and we said that they were for a wedding at the Hospice.

At that point, a gentleman in the queue behind stepped in and simply said “I’ll pay for those.”

We don’t know who this man is or where we can find him, but if he’s reading we just want him to know how grateful we are and how big a difference those flowers made today.

Such a simple, beautiful act of total kindness has meant there hasn’t been a dry eye in the house all day, and this man has provided Paul & Emma with a memory they’ll cherish forever.

Paul and Emma, we hope your special day has been everything you dreamed it would be.

To our stranger, well to be quite honest we don’t know what to say to you. You are a saint.

Thank you, and happy Valentine’s Day.

News coverage

This story reached more than 400,000 people on Facebook and ended up being told on national and regional news.

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