Hospice Care Week 2023

During Hospice Care Week (organised by Hospice UK) we have joined together with Hospices from all over the country as we focus on the workforces that make up our Hospice, under the theme ‘We are Hospice care’

Hospices in the UK support 300,000 people each year, but the need for this care is growing. Roles in Hospices are increasing but there aren’t the dedicated staff to fill these roles. Without the staff, Hospice care will not be able to continue.

We are incredibly lucky here at the Mary Stevens Hospice to have a dedicated workforce who everyday, work together and support one another to provide outstanding care to our patients and their families. During Hospice Care Week we have spoken with team members from across the organisation and asked them why they love working for the Hospice and what they find rewarding about their role.

“I feel very privileged to work in a wonderful team. The Bereavement Team are so caring and kind towards each other, and to families and service users. We also have wonderful volunteers, who devote their time to support so many people in a non-judgmental way, its an honour to work alongside them also.” ~ Deb, Bereavement Support Coordinator

“Something I believe and often say to relatives when they are thanking us for our care is that it’s a real privilege. We are entrusted with their loved ones and we have to do that trust justice. It’s really fulfilling to be part of enabling our patients to have a “good death” and I feel very lucky to work here.” ~ Jazz, Healthcare Assistant

“Our families and the people we support in our local community may be going through some of the most challenging times of their lives and if we can play even a small part to ensure they feel supported and less alone in their bereavement journey then that gives me the greatest job appreciation.” ~ Kerrie, Bereavement Services Lead

“Hospice care is for everyone. By having an insight into what matters most to people, listening, building relationships, and working with our local community we will continue to bridge the gaps to ensure palliative and end of life care is equitable for all, both now and in the future.” – Gemma, Palliative Care Inclusion and Community Partnerships Lead 

“I like the feeling that we are helping people at a time when they need us the most, at a time when everything else seems hopeless for them. We can lighten the load and given advice.” ~ Sue, Fundraising Support Officer

“As I work with the community and local people surrounding the hospice, one of the best things for me is hearing about stories of why people wish to support and fundraise for the hospice. Every single person I speak to has been personally touched and affected in some way by the hospice, and it also always seems that their family members or friends have also been. Even if they haven’t had someone close to them that has been cared for by the hospice, they still have a motivation or an inspiration to give back. I find inspiration in the thought that I can assist, encourage and cheer on someone who wants to meet their fundraising goal and make a meaningful impact. This level of support from people is a testament to the hospice’s vital role in the community, as well as the selflessness and generosity of people who band together to make a difference.” ~ Alisha, Community Fundraising, Events and Promotions Assistant

 The words I would use to summarise working at the Hospice: Supporting and caring for peoples needs and working with a great team ~ Caroline, Bereavement Team

Would you like to join the team at the Hospice and help to make a meaningful impact to the lives of our patients and their families? Check out our current vacancies here, we would love to hear from you.