The benevolent Mr Moore!

Darren Moore will still be attending the charity match on Sunday!

Darren Moore with fans

Thank you Big Dave!

In light of Darren’s news this week, questions marks obviously arose over his capacity to be involved in the events we’ve got on this week. At this point we’d like to stress that not only would we have completely understood if Mooro couldn’t have been involved again this year, we’d actually have been delighted for him for being given such a fantastic opportunity to lead the club that is so dear to his heart.

However, Darren Moore is not your average human being and we’re overwhelmed to be able to say that he is still intending to attend the legends charity match between Stourbridge and West Bromwich Albion on Sunday.

For obvious reasons, he can’t risk getting injured in a charity match so he will no longer be able to play, however he will be on hand to meet fans, give the WBA dressing room a few words of wisdom and support the families here at the Hospice.

What Darren has done for this Hospice over the past 2 years has been absolutely extraordinary, and for him to continue that support despite his life changing almost overnight at the start of this week really is just an incredible testament to his heart and his character.

So we’d just like to say thank you to Mooro, and we hope you’re looking forward to seeing him on Sunday!