Sponsor a leaf on our Glass Giving Tree in memory of a loved one.

Sponsor a leaf on our Glass Giving Tree

Our Glass Giving Tree offers you the opportunity to have the name of a loved one inscribed on a leaf, to be displayed and remembered in the Hospice for as long as you’d like. For each leaf sponsored, we receive a donation which will provide us with the funds we need to continue providing our care and support in your loved one’s memory.

Mary Stevens Hospice commissioned Stourbridge artist, Charlotte Hughes-Martin to design and create The Glass Giving Tree. This beautiful, unique piece of artwork was produced at Red House Glass Cone, just three miles from the hospice. It will be a long-lasting feature in the entrance of our newly refurbished In-Patient Unit and we are very grateful to Charlotte for producing such a stunning creation.

Mary Stevens Hospice has been able to commission The Glass Giving Tree at no cost to the hospice, ensuring that every penny from every leaf goes directly towards patient care.  This has been made possible through a very kind donation left by Mr Bryan Marshall (pictured left with Princess Diana at the official opening).

Bryan was one of the first campaigners for a hospice in Stourbridge.  Through tireless work and fundraising, by Bryan and a group of friends, we have what is known today as Mary Stevens Hospice.  Bryan’s widow, Mary said:

“Bryan never really wanted any recognition for his work, I think he was just happy to see the vision take shape and for the people of Stourbridge to have their own hospice; however leaving this tree behind will ensure that he is able to continue helping the hospice even though he is no longer with us.

I know he would have been delighted with the way the tree looks; it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined.”

Bryan’s name will be on the first leaf engraved, and will be an ever present legacy on the tree.

If you’d like to dedicate a leaf, and see how every leaf delivers care, see our Glass Giving Tree dedication form.

1 year

(min. £104 contribution)

1 year could pay for a 24 hour supply of all drugs administered at Mary Stevens Hospice

The drugs and equipment used by our team ensure that our patients' symptoms are controlled during their time with us. Your contribution makes that possible. Thank you.

2 years

(min. £192 contribution)

2 years could pay for 2 days of nursing care for our patients.

Our Nurses are most commonly referred to as angels, and we need 59 angels in order to provide care to all of our patients. Your contribution makes it possible for those angels to be here with their patients. Thank you.

3 years

(min. £270 contribution)

3 years could pay for bereavement sessions for 7 children who have lost a loved one.

When someone important in a childs life dies, their lives will change forever. We provide theraputic support, in a safe and creative environment. Your contribution makes that healing process possible. Thank you.

Please choose a colour for your leaf, indicate you preference by numbering colours 1-5, 1 being your first choice Colours may vary, and are subject to availability.