Team Building Days

Bring your team for a corporate volunteer day!

Team building days

Team Building Days

Bring your team closer together, fulfill your CSR and support the families who rely on our 24-hour care here at the Hospice!

We regularly host teams from companies all over the West Midlands, and indeed all over the World* !

(*=we’ve had a volunteer travel all the way from Dublin before!)

Whether it’s maintaining our grounds, popping a fresh lick of paint on the wall, building something for our patients and their families, helping us bring an event to life or getting out into the World to spread the good word about our care, we always have plenty for our company volunteers to get stuck into and it’s not unfair to say we simply couldn’t do everything we do without that support.

Where to start

Your first port of call and the best thing you can do would be to email our Laura on

Laura is our corporate liaison and the person who will help you get everything in place to join us here at the Hospice.

A quick case study

Just to give you an idea of the sort of thing you might be doing, you’ll have no doubt noticed a significant amount of woodwork going on in the picture at the top of the page!

What you can see is the ladies from Marks & Spencer in Kidderminster, who visited us in Summer 2018 ahead of a fantastic event we call Mucky Pups!

Mucky Pups is a dog agility event for our community and their four-legged friends, however an agility event without obstacles isn’t much of an event at all really. So the guys kindly offered to spend their day with us and each other, building a series of fantastic contraptions for our dogs to navigate.

That event will raise money to pay for the care that happens here at the Hospice, which will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a family in their moment of greatest need. That’s the difference the team from M & S made by spending their day with us.